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    Ramayan In Hindi Ebook

    You are about to download Shrimad Valmiki Ramayan Hindi book pdf for free – Don't forget to like us on facebook & share with your friends to keep us motivated . *Ramayana*, considered part of Hindu Smriti, was written originally in Sanskrit by Sage Valmiki ( BC). Contained in 24, verses, this epic narrates Lord. Ramayana download the pdf ebook about Rama . Can anyone suggest the samporna ramayan in hindi pdf (no omission of any episodes).

    As recognized by the Supreme Court of India, the existence of Shri Raam can not be decided only by historical or scientific evidence, it is a matter of faith to millions of people. The primary source of life and journey of Shri Raam is the epic Ramayana composed by Maharishi Valmiki. The learned sage wanted to write an epic that would serve as an inspiration for generations to come, and highlight the ideals of human behavior in various roles assigned by the society. Devarishi Narad, the spiritual mendicant of the Heavens, suggested to him to write about the life and times of Shri Raam, the doyen of the Suryavanshi clan and the most beneficient ruler the land had ever seen. This acknowledgement is mentioned in the Valmiki Ramayan itself and is our first suggestion that the story was based on an actual historical figure. Ramayan itself declares that it belongs to the genre ofItihasa History and the only other two sacred books in that genre are the Mahabharat and theHarivamsha. Not only these scriptures from Hindu literature, but Buddhist and Jain texts also record the story of Rama and mention it in their own respective styles: In Buddhism , Ramayan is present in the form of Dasarath Jatak, Dasrath Kathanak and Anamak Jatak, the first of which was composed in the 2nd century BCE. This version talks of Rama and Sita as siblings which is a common symbolic imagery in early Buddhist literature to denote purity of a dynasty. Keepin with the Jain tradition of non-violence, it is Lakshman who kills Ravan and due to the use of violence, both go to hell while Lord Rama known as Padma goes back to heaven. All these unrelated sources chronicling the life of Rama can not be false or fake.. To illustrate my point, I share the following excerpts declaring the time of arrival of the 7th Avatar of lord Vishnu on our Planet: Treta yuge chaturvinshe ravane tapseh shakshyat Ram dashrtathi prapiye sagane shakyamiyeewan [Vayu Puraan The Mahabharat further elaborates the exact timeline to the juncture of the Treta and the Dvapar Yugs: Sandho tu samanupraptre tretayaam dwaparisya cha Ramo daasrathirbhutva bhavishami jagatpati Now this is ground-breaking information people and I will tell you why!

    Even if we consider this duration to be in Deva Years, it comes to more than 40, years. These analyses done by Prof. What is amazing is that even today the places related to Lord Rama, the stories, the Geographical co-ordinates of the cities mentioned etc.

    Ramayan — The Adi-kavya Numerous versions of Ramayan exist throughout the length and the breadth of the country and even outside its boundaries but the oldest of these is the Valmiki Ramayan and for our analysis, we will stick to the original as it is the most ancient and accurate one. Let me begin with a very interesting anachronism mentioned in this version of the Ramayan. Sundar Kanda [4. These elephants are tall and imposing and have been trained to protect Lanka from invaders.

    So what is so special about these accounts?? How in the world could Rishi Valmiki have known about the four-tusked ancestors of the modern elephant unless he had seen them himself or was told about them by Narad???

    Four-tusked elephants mentioned in Valmiki Ramayan lived millions of years ago! Let us now see what geographical evidence we can glean out of the masterpiece of Valmiki Ramayan that forms the foundation of cultural traditions right from India to the Far East and check whether the Ramayan contains accurate information or describes a make-believe land.

    The journey of Lord Rama to recover Sita ji covers the length and breadth of the country and Valmiki Ramayan is extremely correct Geographically. Major Kingdoms of the sub-continent in Ramayan Times The authenticity of Geography right from Gandhar to Sri Lanka can not be the result of imagination!

    It has to be based on actual witnessing of these places by either the author or the one narrating the story to him, who in this case was Devarishi Narad. To begin with, we have to answer the million dollar question — did an ancient temple exist at the disputed site in Ayodhya? Indeed, before the demolition of Babri Masjid, there had been excavations around the temple precinct which gave indications of not one but many older temple foundations existing there.

    गीत रामायण (हिंदी)-Geet Ramayan (Hindi) by G. D. Madgulkar - Dnyanesh Prakashan - stansaturtowi.ga

    The Imperial Gazetteer of Faizabad confirms the construction of three Moghul mosques at Ayodhya on the site of three celebrated shrines: Janmasthan, Swargadwar and Treta-ka-Thakur. The other two mosques were built later by Aurangzeb who was one step ahead of Babar in his zealotry.

    From to , the Archaeological Survey of India had under the guidance of Prof. The pillars were much bigger in size than those of the mosque and clearly belonged to a much more grand structure. Check out the man on the left as reference for the size of the pillars On further stratigraphic and other evidence, Prof. Lal also found a door-jamb carved with Hindu icons and decorative motifs of yakshas, yakshis, kirtimukhas, purnaghattas, double lotus flowers etc.

    Excavation was resumed on July 2, by S. Gupta, Y.

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    Sharma, K. Srivastava and other senior archaeologists barely six months before the demolition. These findings included religious sculpture, terracotta images from the Kushan period CE and a statue of Lord Vishnu.

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